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As MLA for Colchester North, I'm pleased to provide this website as a useful and informative resource. With constant updates you can remain informed of my participation in local events and in the House of Assembly as your representative.

My committment to my constituents is to be open and approachable, and to provide assistance and support to all residents of Colchester North. I invite you to share your ideas, concerns and/or questions. Together we can seek solutions.

Karen Casey

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Shaping the Future of Education in Nova Scotia

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The 2013-14 school year has ended, proms and graduations are over and students are enjoying their summer vacation. That does not mean, however, that work at the Department of Education has ended. In fact, some very important work that will shape the future of public education in Nova Scotia schools is well underway.

As you will recall, as the Minister of Education, I announced on February 19, 2014 a review of the public school system, appointed a Minister’s panel to lead the review, and asked parents, students, teachers, business leaders, community members and all Nova Scotians to participate in the review.

I know that many of your readers took time to respond, and I appreciate that. In fact, on June 18th I announced that more than 19 000 Nova Scotians answered the call for action and shared their concerns, opinions and suggestions on a variety of topics related to what we deliver, and how we deliver programs in our schools. As the Minister, it is my responsibility to provide our students opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful upon graduation.

The members of the panel, along with staff at the department are preparing a detailed analysis of the data received. That analysis will identify strengths, as well as areas of concern that were identified. They have been asked to prepare a Report to the Minister, due in October. There has not been such a review of our public school education system in Nova Scotia for more than 25 years. The incredible responses shows the passion Nova Scotians have for education, and the recognition that we need to make changes. Student success is our collective responsibility and I thank those who participated in the process.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North


Responding to Your Concerns

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